XProtect was founded in 2008. Born out of a frustration at not being able to find an online backup solution that was capable of matching and beating the features of traditional backup systems.

"We decided to build our own". Designed and developed in New Zealand, XProtect is proud to be Kiwi Made and exemplifies the long standing tradition of innovation and a "can do" attitude that sets New Zealanders apart.

"The great thing about XProtect is that it happens seamlessly, with little cost and gives that peace of mind that if the worst happened our data is still safe at an offsite facility."
(VisionWest Community Trust)Philip Ayers 
"I think that XProtect is stable, reliable and easy to use. We haven’t had a problem with our back ups since we started using XProtect."
(Holy Cross School)Lee Gu
"Works for us – another job we do not have to do and have a worry free service for a fair price."
(MaxCA)Peter Maxwell 
"Since I have been using XProtect as my companies’ backup solution I have found it saves time for me and my staff and we can concentrate on the more important things in our company the things we are good at."
(Alloy Metalworx Limited)John Bloemendal 
"Our users, customers and contractors around the world depend on the integrity of our data.  XProtect is an indispensable component in ensuring that data is securely and reliably backed-up."
(Libertas Academica Ltd)Tom Hill 
"XProtect backup gives us peace of mind. We don’t notice it running in the background; it doesn’t interrupt the flow of our business day, and doesn’t slow down any of the systems we use. It’s great to know our client’s information is fully protected. Thanks."
(Insurance Professionals)Dean Picard 
"The XProtect Online Managed Backups have been everything that we hoped for. The system is efficient, operates out of business hours, and we don’t have to swap out backup tapes in order to have the peace of mind that goes with offsite backups."
(Dove Medical Press Ltd)Tim Hill 
"The best thing about XProtect is that I don’t need to do anything, it just happens. I have enough on my plate and not having to worry about backups is great!"
(Custom Print)Gary Swain 
"XProtect provides piece of mind that all our essential data is secured."
(Churchill Park School)Mark Webster 
"Very good, seen it in action, very impressed with its capabilities."
(St Paul's College)Mario Barbafiera
"I finally rest assured - knowing that if my laptop is stolen or office is burnt down… I have a copy of my files safely stored offsite so I can start life again on another computer. I believe in insurance, and like with Christchurch, you never know when the unthinkable is going to happen. Thanks XProtect."
(SearchMasters)Michael Brandon 
"Supreme Steel Products LTD operates a dual backup IT operation both onsite and offsite. XProtect gives me the confidence that all our IT backup disaster recovery requirements are being administered in full."
(Supreme Steel Products Limited)Brian Winthrop 
"We pay more than reasonable prices for the confidence we want and the support we require from a sound and reputable service provider. We whole-heartedly trust Allan and his team who not only have the abilities, but care for us as people. This makes all the difference."
(LaserArt NZ Ltd)Pam Allen-Baines 
"XProtect’s off-site back-up solution gives us peace of mind, knowing that one of our most important assets is protected – the information about our business and customers."
(Mirrorwave)Jeannie Stewart 
"XProtect provides Jacobsen Colourplus with peace of mind – safe in the knowledge that when disaster strikes, our mission critical data is securely backup up off site."
(Jacobsen Colourplus)Deon Carpenter 
"We have been using the XProtect service for some time and have had absolutely no issues. It provides us with great peace of mind knowing that our network is fully backed up and secure at all times"
(Cooney Insurance)David Cooney
"Having XProtect backing up my key files daily without interruption and securely storing off site, is just one less thing to worry about in today’s demanding business world…"
(Armorflex International Limited)Brendon Morgan 
"It’s peace of mind knowing that if there were ever an incident such as theft, fire, earthquake etc. there would be little to any data loss. Business could resume fairly quickly."
(Ferry Enterprises Limited)Khim Fletcher 

We believe that backups should be:

You should never have to think about your backups, they should just happen.

Your files should always be encrypted and they should only be accessible by you.

It should only backup files that are new, or that have changed. It should also be able to backup files even if you have left them open.

Your backups should be able to “go back” as far as you need them to.


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